General Management

We offer independent general management services including:

  • Theatrical Budget Creation (West End, Touring & International)
  • Profit and Loss Analysis
  • Negotiation and contractual expertise
  • A link to Legal and Accountancy expertise
  • Casting Co-ordination and administration advice
  • Creative and technical staffing guidance
  • Global Licensing Experience for musical theatre
  • Local Market Expertise for plays, musicals and events
  • A link to the leading Marketing, PR & Publicity companies
  • An extensive Network of International Contacts on all levels

There are several distinct advantages gained by hiring an independent General Manager. Primarily, a Producer is able to tap into an established and proven management structure with a diverse range of history and experience, combined with broad overall knowledge of business dealings and relationships within the West End and the international theatrical producing community. Independent Managers are not limited by reference to a single Producing company’s experience.